Frequently Asked Questions

About the admission campaign process on


1. How can I get a visa if my country does not have the Embassy of Ukraine?

  • To obtain a visa, you must visit the country holding the Embassy of Ukraine and apply from there. For a full list of Embassies and Consulates, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine -

2. What is visa support?

  • Visa support is a mandatory payment, the recipient of which is the State Enterprise Ukrainian State Center for International Education, which in turn sends an information letter to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country to confirm the validity of your invitation to study.

3. Is it possible to come to Ukraine for a tourist visa?

  • No, if you are coming to study at a Ukrainian university, you must come for a student visa category - D (for which you must first receive an invitation to study and pay for visa support).

4. If I have an invitation to study, can my parents or relatives come with me?

  • No, an invitation to study is a document issued only to you alone. However, you can apply to the university on a personal invitation for parents or relatives.

5. How long is the visa application process?

  • Usually, the visa application process takes about ten working days. This can sometimes be extended up to 30 business days.

Admission process

1. How can I choose a university or study program?

  • Please visit our official website at, which contains a comprehensive list of Ukrainian higher education institutions (universities) where you can make your choice. We also recommend that you read the official website of the university you liked, the information and additional information available on our official website.

2. How can I verify the authenticity of the university?

  • Please visit our official website at to find official university websites.

3. How can I apply for a study invitation letter?

  • By filling out an application form on our official website and paying a base payment of 400$ US according to our public offer, you will receive information with instructions. The whole process of the admission campaign, namely ordering an invitation to study, receiving an invitation to study at any university of Ukraine, registering an invitation to study at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, paying for visa support and organizational support for the arrival of a foreign entrant, as well as the conclusion of a comprehensive medical contract insurance in Ukraine, we will carry out independently without your obligatory presence. You can also ask us specifically what you want to know about the admission process or university in addition, by filling out a feedback form on our official site, or by taking advantage of any contacts from our company.

4. How can I receive an invitation letter to study?

  • We personally receive the study invitation letter from the university and then send it to you. We have a policy of using DHL's services due to its international reliability. The cost of sending you a study invitation is included in the base payment.

5. How long does it take to receive a study invitation letter?

  • It usually takes one to four weeks to receive an invitation to study, depending on the university you choose, as well as the time it takes for the Ukrainian authorities to verify the authenticity of your documents.

6. How long is the invitation to study?

  • The invitation to study is valid for up to 6 months. This information is mentioned in the letter of invitation to study.

7. Can you cancel the invitation to study I received earlier?

  • Only universities can cancel an invitation to study on the personal request of who it was applied for. If you do not know which university issued the invitation, please send us a copy of your passport and invitation letter to help clarify the situation.

8. Do you register and notarize the translated documents?

  • No, any registration or notarization of documents must be done by a notary.

9. Is the admission process free through your company?

  • No, our company requires a payment of 820$ US for basic services of the admission campaign process in Ukraine, which includes: 1)fee for invitation letter; 2)visa support fee; 3)payment for medical insurance in Ukraine; 4)payment for the delivery of your documents by DHL; 5)airport meeting fee. The payment is required in two payment's: a base payment of 400$ US at the beginning of process, and the second payment, that is, the rest of the payment amount of 420$ US after obtaining a visa and arriving to Ukraine for study.

10. How can I pay for admission process and services of your company’s?

  • The best way to pay is through VISA or MasterCard. We will provide you with an invoice, just go to, click on "Online Payment" and fill in the relevant details. You can also pay by bank or cash transfer using the details listed in the same link in the "Cash Transfer" section. Please note that intermediary banks or money transfer companies typically charge a fee.

Study in Ukraine

1. How can I find out about the prices for studying at the university that interests me?

  • Tuition fees vary from university to university. On our official website you can find links to the official websites of the universities you are interested in. Please browse our web site at and (or) use the feedback form so that we can find for you current tuition fee's at the university you are interested in.

2. Can my parents, relatives or legal entities pay for my education?

  • Yes, your parents, relatives and legal entities can pay for your education.

Life in Ukraine

1.  What is the socio-economic situation in Ukraine?

  • Ukraine is a safe and tolerant country with friendly people and a European atmosphere. In May 2017, the annual Eurovision Song Contest took place in Kyiv, which was seen as a great success. From June 11, 2017, citizens of Ukraine are given the option of visa-free travel to the EU and the Schengen area, except for the UK and Ireland.

2. Is it possible to work during training?

  • No, unfortunately, it is illegal for foreign students in Ukraine to work illegally while studying, but you can become our agent and get good money for your participation in the development of our company in the territory of other countries of the world, without distraction from studying in Ukraine, which is completely legal.