Our team

Monarch University Study Admission is an international team of professionals who have many years of practice in cooperation with public authorities of Ukraine, who have teamed up to make the procedure of admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine easier, as well as to support students during various procedures and interactions with the institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the State Migration Service of Ukraine and police.

So, we are glad to introduce our team, that is responsible for the whole process of admission to the university and  the person's adapting as a student in Ukraine.

Volodymyr Solohub
  • Founder
  • Attorney
Legal Department

Chief Executive Officer, Professional Practitioner Attorney at Law.
Responsible for the proper performance of the company's duties to clients, as well as the professionalism of providing legal services. Personally represents the interests of the company and clients in any body of Ukraine.

Ukraine, Vinnytsia, st. Magistratska, 64
Dr. Faith Brodrick
  • Founder
  • Vice president
Administrative department

Chief Admissions Officer. A trained urologist.
Responsible for all admission processes and responsible for the prospects of innovation and investment activity of the company, development of cooperation with foreign partners, as well as for the management and administration of the company and its resources in the territory of Ukraine and also a direct representative for international students.

Ukraine, Vinnytsia, Timirazev str., 23
Success Ogu
  • Founder
  • Director
International management

Chief Operating Officer, D.M. Cardiology, MBA.
Responsible for the implementation of international educational programs. Promoting the intensification of international cooperation of educational institutions in the direction of academic exchanges, participation in the implementation of educational and scientific cooperation with partners all over the world.

Ukraine, Vinnytsia, Timirazev str., 23
Hennadiy Solohub
  • Founder
  • Head
Transfer department

Head of company transfer department, professional entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Responsible for arranging customer transfers upon their arrival, subsequent transportation to their destination, as well as the safety of company staff and customers while traveling Ukraine.

Ukraine, Vinnytsia, st. Tmiryazev, 23
Andrew Tkachuk
  • Deputy
  • Attorney
Legal Department

Deputy Director, Professional Practitioner Attorney at Law.
Responsible for the legal direction of work in the territory of southern Ukraine. Represents interests of the company and clients in any organs of Ukraine in the territory of Odessa region.

Ukraine, Odessa, st. Krasna, bud. 11