Study in Ukraine
Invitation to study

receipt of an official letter issued by the higher education institution of Ukraine (University) and registered by the appropriate reference number in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine inviting the Applicant to study at the higher education institution of Ukraine for the choice of the Customer.

VISA support payment
Visa Support

compulsory payment, the recipient of which is the State Enterprise Ukrainian State Center for International Education regarding visa support and organizational support for the arrival of a foreign entrant.

Medical insurance
Medical Insurance

Applicant's insurance in Ukraine is equivalent to an amount of EUR 30,000 (thirty thousand) at the NBU rate. Applicant's health insurance is one of the requirements for obtaining a D-type visa for study in Ukraine when applying to the Embassy of Ukraine or Visa Center.

DHL Express delivery
DHL Delivery

sending the invitation to study, visa support receipt and comprehensive health insurance contract by DHL courier service (DHL Express) to the Customer's specified address and / or details.

Airport meeting
Meeting at the Airport

organization and meeting of the Applicant upon arrival to Ukraine. In case of absence of a person who meets the Applicant within 24 hours from the arrival of the Applicant to Ukraine, the Border Guard Service of Ukraine is entitled to return the Applicant to the country from which they comes.

GSM sim card
Local GSM card

providing the Applicant with a local card of the mobile operator in Ukraine upon the arrival of the Applicant in Ukraine, as well as informing the Customer about the local phone number that will be provided to the Applicant at the airport meeting.

Transfer services

organization and transfer of the Applicant in a comfortable vehicle personally by the Contractor or third parties of the Contractor's choice to the exact address, hotel, apartment, hostel, university or city of Ukraine specified by the Client and (or) the Applicant.

Apartment reserch
Search for Apartment

search or pre-booking of the place of residence or temporary location of the Applicant in Ukraine, as required by the Customer, which could be an apartment, a hotel or a hostel.

Admission support
Entrance Support

full support and organization of an easy, transparent, convenient, short-term process of concluding and signing by the Applicant a contract with a higher education institution of Ukraine, as well as solving issues arrising in the process admission, in case of any.

Bank account opening services
Bank Account

organization of a fast, transparent and convenient opening of the bank account for the Applicant in the official banking institution of Ukraine, as well as full support in obtaining the necessary documents issued in the name of the Applicant by the state executive authorities of Ukraine required for opening a bank account.

Migration support
Migration Support

full support and organization of the accelerated, easy process of obtaining a temporary residence permit by the Applicant in Ukraine.

ISIC card
ISIC card

providing the Applicant with an ISIC card, the only recognized international student ID that confirms his / her status as a student worldwide and opens up a world of great discounts and numerous benefits, great promotions and special offers to the Applicant.

Every year Monarch support
Monarch's Annual Support

organization of the activities in order to systematically inform the Contractor about the current status of the Applicant's affairs at the higher education institution of Ukraine by the responsible person of the univercity, as well as collecting, processing and storing Applicant's data, his / her current status in Ukraine, his / her place of residence, migration status in the State Migration Service Ukraine during the academic year.

Legal services
Legal Services

personal qualified provision of one-time legal support, when needed, in the form of legal advice and private practical legal services by the Contractor, or the "Solohub and Partners" Law Firm, the Contractor's business partner.

Tell the customer
Tell the Customer

additional collection, processing, and communication of the information to the Customer concerning the Applicant in the interests of whose the Client acts, the status of his success during his studies at a higher educational institution of Ukraine, the state of his migration status at the State Migration Service of Ukraine, any type of issues Aplicant has, his actual place of residence, etc.

Tourist and travel services
Tourism and Travel

organization of a safe and interesting trips around Ukraine, namely: cities of Ukraine, its famous places, landscapes, and architectural constructions, as well as personal support of the Applicant during such trips.

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