Privacy Policy

Monarch Business Consulting Limited liability company (hereinafter - the Company) and the international community Musa University Study Admission (hereinafter - MUSA) adhere to the principles of confidentiality and inviolability of information received from the Company's clients and MUSA's clients in the provision of foreign recruitment services citizens to study at higher educational establishments of Ukraine (hereinafter - the University), as well as additional services provided to our clients.
Our Company and MUSA guarantee the retention of restricted information and the protection of personal data of users of our services (hereinafter - Users), including when using the official MUSA website, mobile applications, applications and applications, payments and transfers by payment systems, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "MUSA") - Services).
The Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the Policy) is aimed at publicly informing the Users about the procedure of collection (processing), storage, transfer of personal data and information provided in the framework of providing the Company's Services.
By using Company Services and MUSA, the User agrees to all the terms and conditions of the Policy.
Please read the Policy before using the Services.

The purpose of processing personal data

  • The purpose of processing personal data is to provide the Services.

Collection of personal data

  • Personal Data - information or a collection of information about a User that is identified or can be specifically identified.
  • Non-Personalized Information - Information that is not tied to a specific Service User.
  • Personal data processed by Companies and MUSA include contact information provided by Users when using the Services (surname, first name, patronymic, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.); used to pay for the Company's and MUSA's Services; Service Order Numbers and Service Provision Information, etc. Information is obtained when using the Services User, including through the MUSA site, mobile applications, etc. The data is transmitted voluntarily by the Users in order to enable the Company and MUSA to fulfill its obligations under the Services and / or the public offer agreement, which is published on the official MUSA website.
  • Non-personally identifiable information is used solely for the purpose of generating statistics and for the purpose of improving the Services, including informing the User of new Services. In particular, when using a mobile application, the operating system version, the approximate location of the mobile device in case of the user consenting to the use of geolocation, the IP address of the device, the date and time of authorization in the mobile application.

Use of information

  • The information provided by the Company and MUSA is used to:
  • creation of a physical and digital case of the User, which contains only the necessary information for providing the Services ordered by the Users in the Company and MUSA;
  • provision of the Service, function, or performance of any non-prohibited activity ordered by the User;
  • liaising with Users to inform the progress of the Services Order execution, to clarify the information required to provide the Services, as well as to personalize unique offers and promotions of the Company and MUSA;
  • evaluation and analysis of the market, customers, products and services provided by the Company and MUSA;
  • effective customer service;
  • providing updates and technical support of the Services, including mobile application on the User's device;
  • any other purpose sufficient to provide the Services qualitatively.

Transmission of information to third parties

  • The Company and MUSA may transfer the information received from Users as part of the provision of the Services to third parties for the purpose of duly fulfilling their obligations under these Services and the public offer agreement posted on the official MUSA website.
  • The dissemination of personal data by the Company and MUSA without the consent of the User or his authorized person is permitted in the cases specified by law and only (if necessary) in the interests of national security, economic well-being and human rights.

Protection of confidential information and information about the User

  • Confidential information, personal data and non-personally identifiable information are stored on the Company's and MUSA's internal digital and local physical resources, access to which is restricted in accordance with the requirements of applicable Ukrainian law.


  • Sufficient information security measures have been taken on the MUSA web site and the Company, but please note that there is no absolutely secure and error-free way to transmit data over the Internet.
  • The Company and MUSA are not responsible for the functioning of the servers, Internet access service providers, third party work which may result in unavailable or restricted access to the site, possible leakage of information due to the fault of third parties, as well as disclosure by the User of their personal data, including the information provided by the User when filling out an application on the MUSA website, in mobile applications, application interfaces and applications.
  • Information posted on the Company's and MUSA's web resources is protected by applicable laws governing intellectual property rights. Reproduction, translation, archiving, copying to other electronic media, which is hosted, is prohibited.

User's rights and obligations

  • The User has the right to receive information on the procedure for processing his personal data, as well as other rights specified in part 2 of Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" of 01.06.2010 No. 2297-VI (as amended) (hereinafter - the Law).
  • The user is obliged, including but not limited to:
  1. not to take actions aimed at misleading other Users;
  2. not to share their personal data with third parties;
  3. not collect, organize, store, process or distribute the personal information of other Users;
  4. not attempt to gain access to the personal data of other Users in any way, including, but not limited to, through fraud, misuse of trust, the collection of authentication and identification data, and by representing himself or herself as a representative or employee of the Company or MUSA. The full list of founders, deputies, management, representatives, partners and agents of the Company and MUSA is available on the official MUSA website.
  • If the User completes the application on the official MUSA website, he provides the necessary documents for the Company and MUSA to provide the Services, and also applies to the Company and MUSA via the form of feedback posted on the official MUSA website, in mobile applications, application interfaces and applications on behalf of and for the benefit of third parties, by providing this consent, the User confirms that he / she has sufficient authority to perform such actions, including - to provide on their behalf consent to the processing of personal data on ykladenyh above conditions as their representative (father, mother, guardian, representative, advocate and others provided by law, a person).

User Consent

  • In accordance with the Law, for the purpose of receiving the Services, Users consent to the processing of personal data by the Company Services and MUSA.
  • By using the official MUSA website, ordering the Company's and MUSA's services, by agreeing to a public offer agreement posted on the official MUSA website, providing documents that identify the person or information of a specific person, and completing an application for of entering the University on the official MUSA website, in mobile applications, applications and applications, the User confirms that he / she is acquainted with the terms of this Privacy Policy, in particular for the purpose of processing personnel of the data specified in this Policy and the rights granted to the data subjects in accordance with Art. 8 of the Law, and the use of personal data by the Company and MUSA, by ticking the "I agree with the Privacy Policy" column.


  • Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. Cookies may be used on the official MUSA website to understand what content you are interested in and to remember you when you visit the site again.
  • Please note that cookies that may be used by Company and MUSA may not harm the User's computer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's computer and stored in the user's browser. Most cookies that may be used by Company and MUSA are so-called session cookies that are automatically deleted at the end of a visit to the User's official MUSA website. Other cookies remain on the user's terminal until they are deleted. These cookies allow us to recognize the user's browser on our next visit. The user can configure their browser to receive cookies from them and to make sure that it only allows cookies in individual cases to be taken for certain cases, or that it completely excludes or automatically deletes them when the browser is closed. Disabling cookies may mean that the functionality of the website is limited. Website administrators have a legitimate interest in storing cookies in order to provide a technically sound and optimized provision of the Services.

Additional Information

  • The Company and MUSA reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy.
  • If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please email