The contract of public offer

Monarch University Study Admission is an international company that is first and foremost concerned about the guarantees of fulfillment of the obligations assumed to its clients, therefore, we work only acording to the public offer contract, which you need to read on our website.

This public offer contract provides all the possible terms, conditions, warranties, rights and obligations for the parties, so you can be hundred percent sure that the whole process of your cooperation with us is legal, confidential, fast and most importantly with guarantees, that can only be offered by professional attorneys.

It should also be noted that this contract includes all possible expenses on your part, and therefore, you can be sure that after signing and agreeing all the terms and arrangements between us, you will not be charged with any hidden payments and unexpected expenses.

Pay attention! The public offer contract comes into force only after signing it and confirming the upfront payment (400 $) for the provision of services.

How to become our customer

1. Carefully read the public offer contract on our website

2. Download and print your copy of the public offer contract

3. Check the similarity of the printed public offer contract with the one published on our website

4. Select the additional services you need in paragraph 4.1.2. of the public offer contract by marking them with the symbol "img

5. Sign your copy of the public offer contract in the appropriate box at the bottom of each page

6. Scan or take a clear photo and keep a signed copy of your contract of public offer

7. Complete your application

8. Make a base payment ($ 400) for your contract of public offer and be sure to keep a payment receipt

9. Congratulations, you are our Customer! Expect a confirmation from us within three working days, or contact us and confirm your payment as fast as possible

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