For Universities is advised to teach Chinese students remotely

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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine recommends that higher education institutions organize distance learning for students from China and Southeast Asia. The recommendation applies to those students who are not currently in Ukraine or who cannot come to Ukraine due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

According to Education Minister Anna Novosad, the MES's goal is to maximize consideration of all circumstances surrounding the coronavirus situation.

According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education, by February 10, universities should inform all their students from China and Southeast Asia about the possibility of distance learning and allow them to pass the appropriate exams after normalization of the situation around the coronavirus.

No laboratory confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection have been reported in Ukraine at present. The relevant services, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Border Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Infrastructure, are in a state of readiness.