India, Chennai

We want to tell you a story about a very polite woman Balasaraswathi A. from India, who contacted our company at a time when the whole process of her admission was abandoned. Before she contacted us, she turned to a similar company that helps foreigners to enter Ukrainian universities. Due to the fact that the documents were made and submitted without complying with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, she was denied an invitation to study, and her stay in Ukraine was coming to an end. She came to our attorney at law Volodymyr Solohub by luck. However, due to the fact that our lawyers are professionals in their field, as well as they have many years of experience working with various government structures, our company has solved her problem quickly. The result of our assistance was that she received an invitation to study, as we officially cooperated with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. She is currently graduating from a preparatory course and plans to continue her studies in her chosen specialty in economical area.