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mku logoWelcome to Pylyp Orlyk International Classic University! Studying at our university can be very fulfilling and a passport to a successful life and career. We are recognised across Ukraine for the quality of our teaching and student experience. We have a wide range of support available and our International Office is on hand to offer help and guidance. All teaching at University is carried out in Ukrainian (with the exception of some language-specific teaching) and tutors must be convinced that you have sufficient fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian/Russian to cope with your course from the start. The foreigners who do not speak Ukrainian or Russian, may be accepted on training courses of intensive study of Ukrainian or Russian languages. Training courses last 10 months. During that time foreigners can study our history and traditions, communicate with leading scientists and professors. That will help to adapt to faculties’ demands in future. After successful graduation the preparatory department student receives a certificate of the state standard, which gives the right to enroll Pylyp Orlyk International Classic University or other Ukrainian university. A range of study options and programmes are available for international students at the Pylyp Orlyk International Classic University, including undergraduate, postgraduate, short term study courses and vocational programmes. Programs available: NURSING; PHARMACY, INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY; PHYSICAL THERAPY; ERGOTHERAPY; PSYCHOLOGY; JOURNALISM; HOTEL AND RESTAURANT BUSINESS; TOURISM; FINANCE, BANKING BUSINESS, INSURANCE; MARKETING; ACCOUNT AND TAXATION; BUSINESS, TRADE AND EXCHANGE ACTIVITY; LAW, COMPUTER ENGINEERING; GEODESY AND LAND MANAGEMENT; TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGIES; PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION. There is wide range of student support available for international students during their time at the Pylyp Orlyk Classic University. Whether you want to take part in a sport, pursue a hobby, or join a political group, you will almost certainly find that a society exists for this purpose. We run a variety of creative associations such as student theatres, bands, dancing groups, music and singing studios, etc. The Pylyp Orlyk Classic University is the perfect place for you to make discoveries and put your mark on the world. It has a reputation for high-quality research and inspirational teaching. Studying here will help you secure a great graduate role in the global job market!

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Contact us to get up-to-date information

Contact us to get up-to-date information

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