Zhytomyr Military Institute of S. P. Korolev of the State University of Telecommunications

zvir logoZhytomyr Military Institute named after S.P.Koroliov is the only multi-disciplinary higher military educational establishment in the state.
SP Korolyov Zhytomyr Military Institute named after the State Higher Educational Institution of the third level of accreditation. Established in 1914 as an educational institution that trains air defense specialists. Today (2017) trains both military and civilian experts in the fields of radio engineering, systems engineering, information and cyber security and more. The Institute has a large scientific school, researching and developing robotic military systems. He has experience in fighting (including in the East of Ukraine).
Among the teaching staff of the military institute, 16% of doctors of science and professors, 65% of candidates of sciences, associate professors and senior researchers. In addition, the institute has honored education workers of Ukraine, honored workers of science and technology of Ukraine, laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, honored trainers of Ukraine, honored innovators of Ukraine.
The total area of ​​the training facilities of the Military Institute is over 28 thousand m2. The Institute's auditorium consists of 6 academic buildings, which are equipped with 22 lecture rooms, 39 special classes, 58 laboratories, 5 teaching command points, 40 general-purpose classes and more.
To provide practical training of cadets and students at the departments of the Military Institute, 8 educational and laboratory complexes and laboratories were created, more than 70 classroom variants of weapons and military equipment complexes were deployed, 3 sites of military equipment on the mobile base were equipped, a large computer equipment park was developed, 23 specialized computer classes.
Educational process is provided by 2 libraries. The Library of the General Library has about 300,000 copies.
There is a sports complex with a swimming pool at the Military Institute. The cadets and students have at their disposal a stadium, 3 gyms, 5 sports grounds, a shooting range, a training ground.
The Military Institute is actively involved in international cooperation programs on training, retraining and advanced training of foreign military specialists.
Scientific and pedagogical staff of the military institute participate in international scientific and scientific conferences, publish the results of scientific researches in foreign editions.

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